Classic Pre-owned Stereo Equipment

Altec 1204B
Mobile Voice Of The Theatre speakers with 15" Altec 421-8H woofers, 511 horns with 808-8A Drivers all just rebuilt.
$1500 /Pair
Yamaha NS1000M
Classic big 12" woofer 3-way Studio Monitors. Great for home or pro use.
$900 /Pair
Acoustic Research AR3a
Fully restored with fresh grills and badges. This is one of the iconic speakers in Hi-Fi history.
$1000/ Pair
Pro-Ject Essential III Black
We took this fairly new turntable in on trade and it looks and performs factory fresh.
Cerwin Vega D3
The ultimate 10" woofer 3-way Vega's. All original packaging included.
$350 /Pair
Spica TC-50
Spica TC-50 speakers are legendary and here is a chance to acquire and original pair in full operational glory. It uses a Polydax 7" woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter.
$350 Pair
EPI 100V
This pair of EPI feature freshly rebuilt 8" woofers for absolutely original top quality performance.
$200 /Pair
Adcom GFA-2535 4/3 Channel Amplifier
Adcom designed this versatile amp to augment high end home theatre setups originally and consisted of two GFA-535's in one box. These 60 WPC amps can be used very effectively as a double bi-amp for bi-wirable speakers! The B channel can also be bridged for 3 channel use.
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