Loudspeaker Reconing & Repairs  New Phono Cartidge Installation

     Founded in 2013 by David Halford who has 30 years of experience as a loudspeaker repair technician, the goal of Halford Loudspeakers is to offer the finest quality speaker repairs when the item is of a repairable type. Most old and many newer home stereo speakers are repairable, as are most high quality professional models. 

       We do not repair electronics however, which causes us to exclude powered speakers, powered subwoofers and devices from the items that we service.


Also available is the installation of phono cartridges that we sell, either on your turntable or one that you purchased from us.




Reconing is available for any speaker for which parts can be obtained including many classic Hi-Fi woofers, and most professional components. Pricing varies greatly based on the parts and labor required but all pricing is available, please stop in or call for a quote.




The most common problem that occurs to Home Stereo speakers is rotten foam edges. We have most edges in stock, and can keep your classic Advent, JBL, Cerwin Vega, AR, EPI, ESS and virtually any other speaker going. The standard pricing is;

6 1/2" & smaller  $30 each

8" $35 each

10" to 12" $40 each

15" $50 each

Pricing variances exist for some items due to parts/labor costs.



Diaphragm Replacement

Most high frequency compression drivers use diaphragms that are intended to be replaced if damaged. Many of these such as Eminence, EV, JBL, Fostex & Selenium are kept in stock.



Crossovers & Cabinets

Not everyone wants to take drivers in and out of enclosures, and from time to time the parts inside can go bad. For these reasons labor and service on the cabinets is offered for reasonable prices starting at $30 per cabinet.