Classic Pre-owned Stereo Equipment

Thiel CS 3.7
A Rosewood finished pair of the award winning 3.7's.
Hear to believe!
$4000 /Pair
Thiel CS 2.4
High resolution speakers made in Lexington, KY.
This pair of 2.4 are finished in Birdseye Maple which was a special order item.
$1500 /Pair
Klipsch Belle
The classic non-corner horn loaded speakers from Klipsch. This pair is in Walnut w/ Taupe grills.
$3000 /pair
JBL L-100 Century
The most popular JBL speaker of the 70's, available in terrific operating condition .
$700 /Pair
McIntosh C33 Preamplifier
The classic of the 80's preamp from McIntosh.
Dual phono inputs, and a 20 WPC monitor amp.
McIntosh MC2600 Stereo Amplifier
The most powerful stereo amplifier ever built by McIntosh. Graced with finesse but armed with enough juice to run any speakers ever made.
Acoustic Research AR 3a
Perhaps the most important speaker of the 20th Century.
Fully restored classic 3-way with 11" woofer and dome mid & tweeter.
$1000 / Pair
Advent Newer Large Utility
Around 1976 Advent updated the Large Advent for the first time to have less diffraction and a more handsome appearance with the grills removed. They have exactly the same performance as the classic form. This pair is not particularly tidy but the performance is perfect .
$275 /Pair
Altec-Lansing Model One
Classic smaller bookshelf speakers built to exceptionally high standards. With 8" woofers w/ rubber edges and precision cone tweeters.
$250 /Pair
Phillips FB825X
Made in Belgium!
Featuring dual 8" woofers, 5" midrange and ribbon tweeter. All newly refoamed.
43"H x 11.5"W x 16.5"D
$600 Pair
McIntosh MR7082 AM/FM Tuner
One of the last great Mac tuners, and finally including AM! The memory batteries have been upgraded and it's ready for the long haul.
w/ walnut case.
McIntosh C34V Stereo Preamplifier
The C34V is the successor to the accomplished C33 in the McIntosh lineup. It added video sound inputs to the well rounded platform and still retained the 20WPC monitor amplifier.
Spica TC-50
Spica TC-50 speakers are legendary and here is a chance to acquire and original pair in full operational glory. It uses a Polydax 7" woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter.
$350 Pair
Adcom GFA-2535 4/3 Channel Amplifier
Adcom designed this versatile amp to augment high end home theatre setups originally and consisted of two GFA-535's in one box. These 60 WPC amps can be used very effectively as a double bi-amp for bi-wirable speakers! The B channel can also be bridged for 3 channel use.
Advent Mini
New tweeters and refoamed 5" woofers in this nice pair.
Harmon Kardon Citation II Tube Amp
Classic 60 WPC stereo tube amplifier. Fully restored with new capacitors, power tubes and improved power connectivity.
Philco SA2000-123
Mono Integrated Amplifier / Speaker System, w/ tubes, electrostatic tweeter and 3 RCA line inputs. It works well, but is unrestored from 1959.
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