Classic Pre-owned Stereo Equipment

JBL L26 Decade
Restored back to original performance with nice clean oak veneer.
$450 /Pair
Altec 1204B
Mobile Voice Of The Theatre speakers with 15" Altec 421-8H woofers, 511 horns with 808-8A Drivers all just rebuilt.
$1500 /Pair
Pro-Ject Essential III Black
We took this fairly new turntable in on trade and it looks and performs factory fresh.
Acoustic Research AR3a
Fully restored with fresh grills and badges. This is one of the iconic speakers in Hi-Fi history.
$1000/ Pair
Cerwin Vega D3
The ultimate 10" woofer 3-way Vega's. All original packaging included.
$350 /Pair
Spica TC-50
Spica TC-50 speakers are legendary and here is a chance to acquire and original pair in full operational glory. It uses a Polydax 7" woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter.
$350 Pair
Advent Newer Large Utility
Around 1976 Advent updated the Large Advent for the first time to have less diffraction and a more handsome appearance with the grills removed. They have exactly the same performance as the classic form. This pair is not particularly tidy but the performance is perfect .
$275 /Pair
EPI 100V
This pair of EPI feature freshly rebuilt 8" woofers for absolutely original top quality performance.
$200 /Pair
Adcom GFA-2535 4/3 Channel Amplifier
Adcom designed this versatile amp to augment high end home theatre setups originally and consisted of two GFA-535's in one box. These 60 WPC amps can be used very effectively as a double bi-amp for bi-wirable speakers! The B channel can also be bridged for 3 channel use.
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